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Thread: Area Primal Spells

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    Question Area Primal Spells

    I am looking at the area spells that dragons have… Barrage, Blast, Gust, & Tempest.

    They all seem to have the range of “self-only”, so I am guessing that none of them are like the bombs that mage has and are meant more for up close combat. They all seem to do Primal damage and none of them repeat... so what am I missing?

    With the exception of the damage, what is the difference between these 4 spells? Are they really just Minor Blast, Blast, Improved Blast, & Mega Blast?

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    I believe Blast and Tempest actually have some range on them, as well as the capacity to have techs applied to them that Barrage/Gust can't - such as Accuracy and maybe Primal Range.

    Other than that, no differences between them.

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    The area effect damage spells are meant for multi target fights. Dragons don't have crowd control like mages (save dragon fear ancient ability - lasts 45 second or shorter if it is hit with 3 minute cool down) so most dragon fights are close quarters. There are two types of the four area effect damage spells.

    Barrage and Gust are self centered area effect spells that hit with an area of 5 that don't require you to have anything targeted to cast. Since they have no range you can't put range or accuracy techs on them. They do take primal damage and your choice of romp, gale, pierce or critical damage.

    Blast and Tempest have a range of 30 and require you to have a mob targeted to cast. Blast hits an area of 4 and Tempest hits an area of 8. They will accept accuracy, range, primal damage, romp, pierce, gale, critical damage techs.

    Personally I wouldn't use range on them as that adds to the cool down before you can cast it again. I like range with debuff spells Grazing Winds and Unrelenting Winds. Be careful if you use Grazing Winds and Unrelenting Winds for pulling as those are also area effect spells.

    You could say they are all the same as all are primal damage spells. But a dragon can't cast anything but primal damage spells with the exception of the epic spell Volcano (fire damage).

    In the early years we only had Tempest and Gust (think it was). Back then there was a bug that didn't put lower versions of a spell on cool down when you cast the higher version. Around the time that bug was corrected we were given the additional two area effect damage spells, which helped fill the void of losing usage of the lower tier spells. It's been a lot of years, this old dragoness' memory might not be 100% accurate.

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    Thank you very much Dracaena. That really does help clear up the differences.

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