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    Default Dragon Made Crystals

    I was noticing, when I was smacking SOG around that my dragon made crystals not lasting very long so I looked
    at my chat logs and noticed:
    [08/28/13 22:55:39] Crimson Damage Crystal of Blight has faded.

    [08/28/13 22:55:39] You successfully dispelled: Crimson Damage Crystal of Blight.

    [08/28/13 22:55:40] Son Of Gigaroth hit you for 1659 crush damage.

    [08/28/13 22:55:41] You used Detoxify Self.
    The armor crystals do not detox away bit the ones that change damage type do.
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    Default Re: Dragon Made Crystals

    On A side note while making crystals from the master formula :
    Item Creation Violet Armor Crystal Of Ether
    Target Effect: Chunk of Gem for Ornament Making
    Also Violet Armor Crystal of Crushing - same thing
    but only on the master formula NOT the Expert Formula as Violet is a master not an expert
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    Default Re: Dragon Made Crystals

    Andy, *bows low* still testing for Istaria
    The community ows you and all others who do test a lot.

    Thank you..
    YOU told me to play a dragon! [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]

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    Default Re: Dragon Made Crystals

    Thank You , I've been doing what I can for the last what almost 9 years on Blight.
    Now my next question to the Devs and community alike, should I post results on all the crystals a dragon can make here or wait till the trainer comes back to Blight so others can experience the school as well. As the trainer was on Blight for a couple months and I was apparently the only one interested enough to take the school to its end, I will sure not submit tickets on everything that is not right with then, as Blights emissary, me posting problems here should be enough for the Dev's to take notice.
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    Default Re: Dragon Made Crystals

    I fixed the two specific crystals you mentioned.

    However, it is better if you submit a support ticket with any bugs you find rather than posting unless you want to post on one of the "bug reporting" threads, because to be quite honest, I did not read this thread when it was first posted.

    So a support ticket, or better yet the latest delta thread which Amon or I start, is much better than starting a thread of your own when you are reporting bugs.

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