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Thread: Dragon character creation ideas

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    Default Dragon character creation ideas

    I'm sure this has been discussed many a times. Anyways!

    i would really like to see a wider verity or color choices

    let us choose different back spikes separate from the scale texture

    some more head shapes would be cool i think, maybe some with fur, Curled Rams horns maybe

    maybe different wing models to choose from would be a really cool addition, feathered wings would be interesting to see

    different tails? one with spikes and a fined one to match the infamous ear fin head every one loves to much XD

    little extra details like...maybe extra spikes around the elbow or hocks? Hmm.. ... ...Oh Oh! Whiskers! X3

    More stripes and spots, like leopard spots would be really cool

    i could go on forever with this stuff, its to much fun to think about XD

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    Default Re: Dragon character creation ideas

    The problem with many of the is they are just an overlay to the Dragon model and so for example spikes would require significant work. It's difficult enough simply trying to achieve an armoured look as some people that have tried can attest.

    I believe there may be a mod out that enables a torn Wing look however. Can anyone confirm?

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    Default Re: Dragon character creation ideas

    Yes there is a torn wing look mod.

    You see an Ice Wall Corner, I see a Tardis.

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