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    Question Crafting Scales

    I am ready to make my first set of T5 crafting scales. Now I need a little advice as to what all to put together on one scale… I looked up what stat is best for each skill, but I think that made it even more confusing, lol. I guess no matter how they are put together, I am still going to end up switching scales a lot. I really would like some input as to what works well for others.


    Ess Harvest
    Ess Shaping




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    I haven't gotten to T5 stuff yet, but, I'll probably keep things as they are, having 4 sets of scales: combat, mining/quarrying, scale/spell-crafting, and crystal/lair-shaping. I did break things down (as best I could) the way you've listed, although I haven't gone out of my way to improve Essence harvesting/shaping...the Power scales do enough, as far as I'm concerned.
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    For mine, I have a few weaknesses that needed some support, but most sets I see tend to go with:

    Power based scales:

    Essence harvesting, essence shaping, spellcrafting


    Strength based scales:



    Gemworking is the oddball. You can put it on your quarrying/stoneworking scales which I often see, or as I planned on using it, my lairshaping set so I don't have to switch between sets for tricuts and lattices.

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    Default Re: Crafting Scales

    Looking at Arzel's recommendation, I think it mirrors mine.
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    Default Re: Crafting Scales

    Stat wise I figured out a pretty nice combination, but the functionality might not be as practical…

    Mining + Smelting + Scalecraft
    Quarry +Stonework + Lairshape

    Ess Harvest + Ess Shape + Gemwork

    Crystal Shape + Spellcraft

    I don't know... What do you think??

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    too late to edit my post above:

    Strength: Scalecraft, Smelting, Mining (great for leveling DRCA or grinding out hoard/coin)
    Power: Spellcraft, Essence Shaping, Essence Harvesting
    Strength: Stoneworking, Quarrying, (your choice)
    Power: Lairshaping, Crystalshaping, Gemworking

    For the third strength set, tech on Lairshaping if you plan on doing any building. Then you could make whichever subcomponents are crafted with Stoneworking, those could be processed, then the final unit also crafted without needing to swap scales.

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    Er as has already been said:

    Mining/Smelting/Scalecraft (strength based)
    Ess harvest/Ess shape/Spellcraft (power based)

    For the next two/three sets it's a bit of what you prefer. Personally, i go with:

    Quarrying/Stoneworking/Gemoworking (strength based)
    Crystalshaping/Lairshaping/Quarrying (mix of all 4 stat type bases)
    or another thing i'd consider is
    Crsytalshaping/Lairshaping/Gemworking (mix of all 4 stat type bases)

    The tech that goes with the lairshaping ones is debatable - generally it's a decision on at which stage you want to switch scales - quarrying azulyte or processing tri-cuts

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