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Thread: Istarian Crafting School Skill/Stat Gains Per Level

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    Default Istarian Crafting School Skill/Stat Gains Per Level

    Using information I found on the Istaria Wiki, I put together a quickie spreadsheet chart for my own use. Then I decided to make a couple of notations and post a shot of it here for anyone who might find it useful as a reference tool. Feel free to point out any errors (I'm not the best proofreader).



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    Default Re: Istarian Crafting School Skill/Stat Gains Per Level

    I always find this site helpful for most things. Here it is incase you'd like to see it.

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    Is it just me, or has the look and feel of that website changed dramatically? I don't see the menu as previously and it's just a long list of hyperlinks, and all the text is smoothed to the left on every page. I know that collection of information about skill/stat gains per level existed in many different spreadsheets over the years (I think I still have one from beta with the drangon adv schools) but I don't know if it is being hosted anywhere. is another handy website, but I don't think it has that information available in that form, either. Hope it helps you shoebuckle, good work. You might consider finding or creating a page for it on the wikia.
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