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Thread: Wizard leveling advice and spells

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    Default Wizard leveling advice and spells

    Currently my quests requires me to kill a named mob called the Reanimator which I'm staying well away from as I don't think I could take him at my level(9 currently) My question is where is the best place to level? I've been using my outfitter quests and nuking everything in sight in order to harvest them,but those run out soon.

    Secondly I've been thinking about some additional spells,as my current ones don't do enough damage for my liking,but I'm not sure what would be best. Flame spear and Flame bomb look worth picking up,but if there's something I could use to slow my target down,giving me more time to burn the heck out of them would be nice

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    erm, firstly I think you mean Magery levelling as Wizard is a Prestige school.
    The Reanimator aint nothing special and you don't even get Death Points until your level 10+ so get in there and try him.

    If you really are that afraid of dying then just keep killing anything on New trismus that is within 1 or 2 levels of yourself and you will soon level up.
    NT is a beginner island so nothing there is really scary, but you really wont learn how to 'play' the game and how to beat mobs unless you take them on and die a few times. (I've probably had over 10k DP's in my time in Istaria)

    I trust this isn't your very first MMORPG? There's nothing different in this than any other. killed...res....kill...get better at killing...ect

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    This is actually my second character in Istaria and on my first time through I had a NPC called Urgat the Wicked to kill,which I found frustrating,as he had 4 linked adds and also had the wonderful ability to heal himself back up to full from nothing,which I found frustrating as heck at the time. Eventually I came back when I was 10+ levels higher than him and nuked him down,so I'm reluctant to go through that again.

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