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    As I like being able to make my own stuff I started up Outfitting for my mage,aiming to take up the path of the Tailor for better armour,but is there a limit to how far I should take this,as I'd like to be able to craft spells for said mage at some point,and then being able to make my own jewelry sounds like fun as well,but leveling all these is going to take some time,if I want to get them to max eventually..

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    If you have gathering it is a big help, so many of the schools of crafting compliment each other and to work them together is good. My first ped char I messed up on pretty badly, but I did not know at that time, and didnt have a lot of knowledge avail to me, as I have worked with others I have found that gathering helps a lot. My kitty has multiple schools and I work on each when they are needed to make certain things. I did not have blacksmith at all yet my gathering was in the 20s-ish when I went to start tinkering and realized I did not have the skill to make t2 items as I thought I would, so with my gathering higher like that it has helped me skip some of the t1 and go straight into t2 products for diff classes...I hope this is of some help Have a fun and safe day!

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    Crafting is a lot of fun, and there are some ways to make it easier/less time consuming.
    As alluded to already, gathering is huge - so an example of a way to make things easier: If you level blacksmithing for tools, you will get quarrying, which will make those first levels of and scholar go faster (especially if you focus on con/decon of stone tools). Then scholar gives you essence harvesting which helps with alchemy and enchanter...
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    There are five schools which you can pin every other crafting school on.
    Blackmsith, Outiffer, Scholar, Gatherer, Miner.
    Blacksmith/Outfitter/Scholar are kind mandatory in the way that these schools will give you a "base" for gathering all materials, and then for leveling other schools (e.g. most metal working classes can level off of making tools from blacksmith).
    You want Miner/Gatherer (although these would be in the last few schools to get to much precessing skill makes processing higher teir objects lose xp.) too because at lv100 the gathering skills the other schools get are poor..these get 10 gathering skill per level i.e. a lot.
    From there you can level anys chool; I suggest tailor, fltecher, armourer and weaponsmith if you want to support your adventure.

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