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Thread: Well, it has been fun.

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    Default Well, it has been fun.

    A time comes that one has to admit defeat, well, that time came for me today as I can no longer seem to log into Istaria.

    So, to all my online Friends, I must finally bid a fond farewell.

    I wish things turned out better, but as I said, I can no longer log in.

    Farewell to all and good days to you.
    Zarkela - Green Dragoness - Helian

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    Default Re: Well, it has been fun.

    If the reason you are not able to log into Istaria is called "Error 57," then you are certainly not alone.

    Otherwise, farewell - I am kinda gonna to miss circumnavigating your great green presence in the courtyard in New Tismus.
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    Default Re: Well, it has been fun.

    Well that's just down right stupid....nobody could log in this morning because of problem with Auth server.
    These things happen in EVERY mmo but to quit because of it?

    More likely your just not paying for a sub anymore and thus can't use your Dragon.

    Farewell anyway.

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    Default Re: Well, it has been fun.

    Many maint. periods end with server log in problems. give it a few days and you should be able to log in. I`ve played Istaria for little more then 4 years, and I havn`t quit due to issues logging in. the problems get resolved swiftly. So there`s no reason to up, and cancell your subs, and quit the game due to it.
    However, if you`re reason is financial, or you just got too much happening in your life to be able to play, then it`s understandable.
    But good luck, and take care Zark! we`ll miss you *huggles*

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    Default Re: Well, it has been fun.


    After reading the posts I now understand what the situation is, so, I am not leaving after all.
    Zarkela - Green Dragoness - Helian

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