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    We are a young Guild, but, within our ranks we have a nice mixture of experienced, veteran players as well as those who are quite new to Istaria; we welcome all of the Living Races to our Guild, and have members from all over the world.

    Istara's Chosen isn't interested in sitting around New Trismus, gathering up new players to swell our ranks, nor will we assist the impatient in "power-leveling" their characters. But, if you wish to discover all that Istaria has to offer, and grow your character within the game, our members are more than willing - and, quite able - to assist you in that goal.

    Join our public chat channel (Istara's Chosen) or talk to any of our members; drop by our new web-site, at and look around...say hi!
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    I've a group on the forums here, I hope if any of you are interested, that you'll join the group and the guild!

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    The guild website has been changed to

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