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    In looking at the Mage spell list the Gift line of spells (Gift of Alacrity, Gift of Armor, etc...) are shown to be usable by a Mage. They require the Augmentation skill but as a Mage I do not have this skill.

    Also Revitalize and Improve Revitalize are listed but they require the Life skill and I don't have that one either.

    Am I missing something?

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    You need to level a different adventure school that gives life and augmentation skill.

    I'd suggest cleric - it gives 9 augmentation skill per level and 10 life per level.

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    Almost all spells can be used by many different schools. Some spells, like the gift line and revitalize, can be used by all schools but you must also have the skill and level requirement. This is part of why mutliclassing is so popular.
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    Okay. Thanks Alisto and hallucin8.

    That was kind of the feeling I was getting. Thanks for confirming it.

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    This applies to any skill. Everything requires a school and/or skill level. You meet those, you can use it. As there are no "classes" things are not bound as such.

    As was stated above, not every school gets the same amount of skill per level. You'll have to do a little research in figuring out what schools you want at what level to achieve the skill required. Skill levels are everything. They're always available and you cannot disable them such as abilities.

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