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Thread: Neo Schools (Blight Only)

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    Default Neo Schools (Blight Only)

    OK a question or suggestion please as the thread :
    Is closed I will do a new one, it looks like the Neo schools lost weapons no staff only hand wraps , even Neo-Druid.
    And that now only Neo-Druid has a can not be mastered lvl 1 mana ability , but most of the Neo-Druid abilities can be used by the other Neo schools.
    So can we please look at either making all the Neo-Druid abilities non-mastered or un-master mana useage the last being hoped for the most and may be looking at opening staff's back up to Neo-Druid please
    OK the old sig was too long , this one is better.

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    Ok, I know I was away for a while but are we getting Neo schools on live soon??

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    Default Re: Neo Schools (Blight Only)

    I don't think Neo-schools will go live. It's been years since they arrived to Blight.

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