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Thread: drops for the new crystal school

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    Default drops for the new crystal school

    as far as I can tell the frakii in the eastern deadlands do not seem to drop any of the shards iv killed them for hours and yes I am using the right buff for the shards. I don't have this problem on blight with in 5-10mins I get atleast 1 shard drop

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    one thing to note is if your a Dragon using Gold Rage, you'll get a lot less slivers as you have to let the buff hit first before you know you'll get the sliver and GR is just insta-dead. If you have your fight logs enabled then it tells you once the inspire buff hits and then its safe to 1 shot kill the mob.

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    Which buff are you using on the... Fyakki?
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    I've gotten a good 300 slivers of vitality out of the Fyakki so far.

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