As she concluded her final lesson to Tondargaet, the Ancient Dragoness intoned a blessing to the large, white Adult Drake. Given in the Common Tongue, the blessing was, "Wind to thy wings, heat to thy flame, and pride to thy heart, child of Drulkar."

Tondargaet was touched by this blessing, but, his love of tradition and lore made him wish that the phrases had been spoken in the near-forgotten Erdoten k'Eilerten, the ancient Tongue of the Dragons. Leaving the Trainer's lair, Tondargaet quickly passed through the gates necessary to arrive at Spire's Apex, and glided down to the entrance of his lair, where he made his way down to the libraries he'd constructed.

After several hours spent poring over dusty, yellowed scrolls and tablets (and, a visit to the nearby lair of The Historian), Tondar sat back, satisfied that he'd come as close to a translation as he could, given the fragmentary nature of the ancient racial tongue; the runes he'd carefully carved on the marble tablet just *looked* right, and he softly pronounced the phrase, in the language of his ancestors.

"Erua olnen al'ruaten, ler olnen lert, elg itulak olnen eilet, Aoretao(a) kor Drulkar."

A couple of words needed to be substituted, as the existing vocabularies and lists have many, many missing words, but, I think I've captured the flavor of this blessing.