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Thread: 10 Years!

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    Default 10 Years!

    From all of us at Virtrium, we'd like to thank all of you for helping us reach this amazing milestone! We couldn't have done it without your support. Here's hoping for many more years to come!

    (note: its the 10 year anniversary of the North American launch since the EU 10 year was last week - December 4)
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    Default Re: 10 Years!

    Tonight I will try to post links to some screenshots of some good memories in Horizons/Istaria.

    Myself as a level 20 something hatchy trying to help kill a level 80 Avatar of Pain... all the while thinking "ooh this will be really good exp!" in a group with some lvl 60's players. It was just a few hundred exp I died a couple times.

    The explosions of the Machines of Inhibition, Famine, Discord, etc. on twilight shard.

    Daneth performing the ceremony which freed the Dryads on Twilight shard while a big crowd looked on. (Never did get my Envoy of Aubradrine title)

    My guild all secretly building the bridge to Lerena, late on a Friday night, so we could then run across a buy the plots. The bridge popped, the final builder started running across, it blinked out for just a second, then back in for good, and he fell and drowned in the water.. lol. He had to run all the way back from Aughundell (Feledan was blighted then) to get his plot.

    My Rop ascension about a week after rop was released. I died on the peak from all those mobs while waiting on all the guildies who helped, had hoard craft parties for me, to get there. Had to submit a ticket since it bugged my rop.

    I remember running all the way from Aughundell down to the swamp, and where you could semi-safely go and where you couldn't, avoiding dark stalkers and werewolves.

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    Default Re: 10 Years!

    Ahh, those were the days.
    Doing the Augh - Harro run as a newbie down the 'path of death' past the werewolves

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    Default Re: 10 Years!

    Here's some more of those memories

    Here are some pictures from the destruction of Twilight

    First night
    Harro's destruction. Blowing off lots of Fireworks.

    Second night Aughundell, Dikaina's destruction. Trashed plots. Selen. Tazoon. Blighted Feledan.

    Some of the group chat is funny

    Tomb you used to be able to get into, but dev's filled in with dirt:

    Eastern Deadlands Tomb 1
    Eastern Deadlands Tomb 2
    Eastern Deadlands Tomb 3
    Eastern Deadlands Tomb 4
    Eastern Deadlands Tomb 5
    Eastern Deadlands Tomb 6
    Eastern Deadlands Tomb 7 This one shows where it is.
    Eastern Deadlands Tomb 8 Looking up the stairs.
    Treasure island

    Old staves with tricking we used to have 2Prong Crooked Plain

    Old video from beta Check out some of the combat animations

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    Default Re: 10 Years!

    i have way too many memories to post about any of them - illy's last night, my first plot, my first alt.......
    so instead, please feel free to view my photobucket album, an ongoing work of homage to my second home.
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    Default Re: 10 Years!

    Yes, though I started on the Chaos shard, it was nearly 9 and a half years ago today (9 years 5 months roughly) The year was 2004, my RL partner and I had just moved to Tennessee and were living with a friend in a trailer. Today, we own our own house in Tennessee.

    Yes, much water has passed under the bridge for this Dragon, once a hatchie in New Vassarack, I remember all the ordeals, the
    Were Wolves, the Arbutus, and the efforts to reach adult.

    The merging of the Shards and the event that went with it collecting all those DP's

    Becoming an Ancient with the dawning of the Ancient quest.

    Drowning in my first lair.

    Oh yes, those few who are still around from back then, I raise my glass and say "Kudos! Kudos for all those great times!"
    Zarkela - Green Dragoness - Helian

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    Default Re: 10 Years!

    I took a walk through memory lane by looking at old, old (now locked) threads I had started or posted to. Wowsers, it's been an amazing 10 years! Thank you, Virtrium, for making it possible for us to continue!

    *serves klava all around, presenting each with a towel and a curtsy*

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    Default Re: 10 Years!

    Yes, a big thanks to Virtrium for the continuation of Istaria!
    Be the Dragon!

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    Default Re: 10 Years!

    Quote Originally Posted by awdz View Post
    I took a walk through memory lane by looking at old, old (now locked) threads I had started or posted to. Wowsers, it's been an amazing 10 years! Thank you, Virtrium, for making it possible for us to continue!

    *serves klava all around, presenting each with a towel and a curtsy*
    Hehe, I really don't know why but everytime I read your quote on the birthdays page I allways read Trowel instead of Towel.
    Muc'cho confusion till I read it again and i'm like 'Ahh...that makes more sense'

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    Default Re: 10 Years!

    I'm playing since 9 years and some month - happy 10th - thank you all! Let's go for the next 10
    Terao (Gnome, Grand Master Crafter, Order [Unity])|Draigourn (Ancient, Master Lairshaper, Lunus, Order)|Echentrial (Ancient, Lunus, Order)

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    Default Re: 10 Years!

    *hugs Ter*thy much.

    Just read patch notes- soo exciting- looking forward to log in tomorrow morning.
    Thank you VI!!!
    YOU told me to play a dragon!

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    Default Re: 10 Years!

    I purchased the game at release but had video card problems and was unable to log into the game. I finally got in on the 12th of December 2003. My lava dragon has been soaring the skys of Istaria since then. Moregoth came along a little later sometime around april or may of 2004. I have made alot of good friend in chaos. Some still play, others have dissappeared into the ether. I still keep my account active and have been playing for the last couple of weeks so if you see me throw me a tell.

    PS.....Trust if you see this I can now make T4 potions...........and I know its sick im crafting hehe.
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    Default Re: 10 Years!

    I started playing about three months after launch. I don't have many screenshots from the early days. I've gone through a fair few hard drives since then, but I managed to salvage a few, mainly from the server merge event.

    They are here for anyone wanting to see.

    You see an Ice Wall Corner, I see a Tardis.

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    Default Re: 10 Years!

    I joined just a couple of years ago, but this is the best game I've ever played. Thanks so much and hopefully I'll be here for 10 more years!

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    Default Re: 10 Years!

    Yay. I remember Tazoon. I remember...

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    Default Re: 10 Years!

    Yay Happy Anniversary Istaria, will be here for the next Anniversary and more to come

    I really wish i could have played at launch, can only dream x3 Awesome game
    My dragon scroll :O

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    Default Re: 10 Years!

    Yay, congratulations to everyone! Long life to Istaria!

    I started to play in 2009, and Istaria is unique to me in a way that it's a place which I once called a heaven . I still remember that moment...
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    Default Re: 10 Years!

    Warms my heart to see that screen shot

    I am missing my Istarian family.
    When I stopped playing a few months ago I think I was around my 7-8 year anniversary.

    <3 Cheers to everyone. Maybe I'll come back and celebrate this month.

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    Default Re: 10 Years!

    i remember the dragons well lese maxina losk ruinis arquillion moonriver even the bi-peds sslarn kiebarae zamolxes fink yeah im talking to you fink when i get back on i expect a party with lots of klava and grog or whatever dwarves drink and i remember seeing the ascension satturn arquillion (stood next to him in hois adult ascention) and many other things alphiner aedre everyone both in chaos and out azath laydon rugaard (same person as arquillion) cyandsweet (florlove on blight) ry kaylee everyone from old blight and even ceitak and jackal and everyone else i remember everydaay and i dream of flying the skies again every night even agua rush
    I am very lucky to know my bonded mate and even luckier still to know i am always on his mind and he on mine for that i am very happy.

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    Default Re: 10 Years!

    Thankyou for the lovely years <3 Horizons was my first mmo and it will be held close in my heart for the rest of my life <3

    I can still remember being new and having no clue what to do, i was just amazed there was other people, actual human beings that i had never met before behind the characters :S

    I guess a guild took pity on me as they invited me to come to harro with them ...never before have i experienced a more nerve racking, exhilarating time in my life... we set off as a little band of adventures with the high levels escorting the low levels through dangerous deadlands, farming golems and helping people craft. It was truly an amazing experience <3

    If any of the players in the above photo still player or look at this, Just know that you made my newbie years in mmo's an amazing time and i'm sorry i bugged you with noobish problems :P

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