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Thread: Weaponcrafter/armourer questions

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    Upon hitting lv 20 in Weaponcrafter, I was thinking of switching to Iron as I'm pretty much at optimal level on all my basic weapon techniques and it's pretty much the same for Armourer as well,but would I be better waiting a bit longer,as I'm worried about my ability to mine it effectively,as my mining skill is only at 175 currently,which may be a bit low?

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    It's a trade off. Once you reach Optimal on making items you start to lose xp on crafting them so you should jump to the next Tier.
    It will take longer to gather the ore but you need to advance at some point right?
    Reaping potions will help with the gathering of ore.

    The best xp is from making items that you are closest to optimal without going over.

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    What Sindala meant to say, was the best exp/resource is to only make something you are just at or past optimal on. Below optimal skill, even by 1 point, makes it take more resources to craft.

    If you are lower in adventure levels, then at level 20 craft, you likely want to stick with t1 for at least 5 more levels. The exception would be for someone who has high adventure levels, and is therefore gaining around 100 to 200 skill in their crafts from high stats of strength, dexterity, power, focus. You can join a craft school at level 1 and be able to craft tier 2 optimally if you got t5 gear on with t5 craft techs.

    Find the highest skill item in t1 to make, and if you can make it optimally, make and decon that. General rule.

    To get more precise, you need to calculate how much exp/resource you are getting. This changes from level to level, and from item to item. As weaponcrafter, lets say you are making a fine bronze dagger, takes 6 bars to make, you are optimal (this is very important) so you get 3 bars back when you decon the item. You got 56 exp crafting it, and 15 deconning it. or 71 exp at a cost of 3 bars. so the exp/resource is 71/3 = 23.67 exp per bar. (resources to craft - resources recovered in decon)/(creation exp + decon exp)

    Perform the same calculation for several items, even items you are maybe a ways past optimal on. Whichever item is giving the highest number, that's what you want to make.

    Always use an item that requires an even number of resources. 6 bars, 8 bars, If something takes 7 bars, you could do the calculation but it will show less exp per resource, since when deconning it you only get 3 bars back, same number from a 6 bar item. the 7 bar item costs 33% more resources to make compared to the 6 bar item (4 bars vs 3 bars).

    Whenever you are under optimal, making the 6 bar dagger might take 9 bars to craft, and in the decon you only get 1 bar back. So it took 8 bars to get say 99 exp+27exp. In this example its only 15.75 exp/bar, compared to 23.67 in the optimal example.

    Now, when you are just below optimal, and know you will get a lot more exp if you could just get a bit more skill, this is where your buffs will come in handy. gifts str, dex, power, focus, dragon buffs promote vitality, promote intellect, and potions for str, dex, power, focus will add skill. When you know which one adds the highest, then a surge is nice for a few more skill points. surges do not stack with each other, so you can have 1 surge. enhances: str and dex will not stack with each other, power and focus will not stack with each other. but you can have both strength and power for example. Each craft skill gets different amounts from each stat, so the buffs you will want change from skill to skill.

    But always be optimal. Best exp is when you are just past optimal, typically. Be always double check by doing the calculation.

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    Ok thanks for that very detailed explanation,as I never thought about it that closely. I have just made whatever took the least amount of materials to produce,then decon'ed that. I could squeeze a few more levels if I made armour with a +str stat on it,but that seems like a unnecessary effort.Since I posted this I've spent some time working on my mining skill,as i'd assume that will be of some benefit,once I get started on the next tier. When I do need iron,would you be able to recommend a good spot,that's relatively free of hostile mobs? I know there's some near Chiconis but having to contend with Iron Golems is something I'd rather avoid,if at all possible,as I don't think I could handle them at this point.

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    There is a way to the iron by chiconis that doesnt go by the golems... If you are on order and see me online I can show you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yildar View Post
    There is a way to the iron by chiconis that doesnt go by the golems...
    I usually get there by going to the bridge to the training island, but then instead of going over the bridge, I follow a black streak up the hillside, scampering over the hills to get to the iron from there.

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    Let us not forget the iron in aug... i assume its still there

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