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Thread: Issues with last update

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    Default Issues with last update

    We have been hard at work trying to narrow down a bug that was introduced with the update from Tuesday, Dec 10th, and at this point we think we are close.

    This bug effects many of the major quest lines in game such as the RoP and ARoP, as well as other single quests. It also effects abilities such as the Burning Archer ability. And will effect those doing some of the tutorials for the game.

    Please know this is a very high priority item for us and we are working diligently on a fix. Keep an eye here on the Announcements section for further updates.

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    Default Re: Issues with last update

    We have some good news from the technicians... the bug which was introduced with the last update has been fixed. We've been able to confirm in testing on Blight that quests which require players to have an item in their inventory now will be offered and started normally. This includes, but is not limited to, parts of the RoP and ARoP quests, some dragon ability quests, and many others in game.

    Note that quests which were deleted during the patch will not be restored by this fix. Players will have to obtain any quests that were deleted when the patch was applied again. As many quests were changed with the last update, getting grammar and spelling issues fixed, we know that a large number of quests were deleted and required being restarted. For that we do apologize.

    At present, the intention is to put the changes which are on Blight to live during maintenance tomorrow (Dec 31st), but as Deforian stated, this should not extend the maintenance window at all.

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