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Thread: Armorer's *Armorcraft* Skill Gain Per Level?

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    Default Armorer's *Armorcraft* Skill Gain Per Level?

    It's my understanding that the Armorer crafting school adds 10 points to the 'Armorcraft' skill for every level gained (all Istarian crafting guides I've so far been able to reference - e.g. Istaria Wiki, etc - also confirm this ).

    If this is indeed so, then I've got a problem with my Armorcraft skill gain rate.

    My current (Base) Armorcraft skill at - level 36 - is 340.

    Shouldn't it be 360 instead?

    As I've gained levels as an Armorer I've noticed that my Armorcraft skill seems to consistently lag 20 points behind where (I reckon) it should be (the screenshot I'm posting shows 320 Base Armorcraft skill @ level 34, for instance).

    I've checked my other crafting school levels against their current skill levels, and (so far) the math looks right with all of them (my level 35 Gatherer shows a Base skill of 350 in Lumbering @ 10 points per level gained, for example) - it's just the Armorcraft skill that looks to be out of whack.


    If anyone can help me better understand what's going on with this, I'd be grateful.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Armorer's *Armorcraft* Skill Gain Per Level?

    Armorer starts at lvl 10(?), so you miss out on the first 10 levels of skill progression. Instead, you get the first 10 levels of skill progression from your outfitter which gets 8(?) armor craft per level. So it's calculated as such: 80 points from the first 10 levels of outfitter then 10/level from armorer, hence the 20 point difference. Gatherer starts at level 1, that's why you won't notice a difference there. Hope that helps
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    Default Re: Armorer's *Armorcraft* Skill Gain Per Level?

    Quote Originally Posted by hallucin8 View Post
    Armorer starts at lvl 10 (...)
    Ah! That's right - I completely forgot about that! Thank you.

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