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    When I first joined I intended going Battlemage so I leveled up a mage to 20, Cleric to 30,warrior to 30 and now I'm starting on a Spiritist as that would bring some very nice abilities to my Battlemage,Syphon and Soul Link to name two,plus a lot of new spells I could use,but this is pushing my rating through the roof,so I have to fight harder things than I'd prefer to gain XP. Is there a time when I should stop multiclassing and just concentrate on leveling the classes I already have,as there's a few more I'm thinking about,but at this rate I'm going to have to fight lv30+ mobs with any new class soon..

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    I would suggest holding off on spiritist for now. Although the abilities you mention are great, very few spirit or blight spells can be cast while as battlemage, and the abilities will only be mastered once you're twice the level you received them. I would suggest just leveling battlemage and cleric together. If you think you'll be casting spells a lot then keep leveling Mage too, each school 5 levels at a time. Just my thoughts. Just do what ever you enjoy. Happy hunting!
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    Infesting links, pretty general though. Not really sure that helps with OP, though. And it seems to be missing the most important thing, HAVE FUN!

    Further note to the OP, other issues with leveling too many schools at once, is that you'll constantly be having to update spells, weapons, armor and jewelry, so find yourself a good crafter who's on often when you are! Cloth armor (for Mage and spiritist) is quite weak, but have it teched with a combination of power and health (you'll be getting quite a bit of health from warrior/battlemage too). If its teched with mostly stats, then you can use it for both Mage and spiritist, while jewelry can then be teched with skills to help boost the specific ones you're after.

    Oh and let me rescind that comment about not doing spiritist, spirit spells will help you level cleric so go for it and yes, a point to take from the links above, trophies can help a lot. So an option could be to kill things as your 'best' school and collect trophies, then use those to help level up your other schools.
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    You may as well learn about rating as you are now, then figure out how to go about not butchering it yet having fun. You want to be able to enjoy the game while also not cornering yourself unnecessarily. It has killed peoples interest in the game before. Take what you will from it, just be aware. If rating wasn't important, I doubt it would factor so heavily in progression.

    ^ + what iuv said

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    I you want battlemage as your main class with minimal multiclassing. mage, wizard, conj can be main arcanes at lv 100 each to get the Max skills for offensive spell types, flame/energy/ice not including the masterable skills from each. healer for your healing/ buffs. that leave sorc if you want to get mind skill to use tier 5 mind based skills. a lv 40 chaos warrior will give you a short melee damage boost. you will want at least a single lv 100 crafting school during you adventure school leveling process

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    The problem you are having is that all your schools are too low to be able to deal with the higher level mobs your rating now requires.

    Pick one school, and finish it to 100. Warrior would be a good one to finish. 100 warrior will max out your health, armor use, shield use, and maxes or nearly maxes out all the melee skills (excludes bow skill), giving 10 per level in all melee skills, and 8 per level in crossbow. You will also get 9 strength per level and 7 dexterity per level. Not maxed but high enough that when you go back to a lvl 30 something school, you will be tougher and be able to handle higher level mobs. Your first level 100 school will also unlock all 5 gift slots, which you never lose no matter the school.

    You will also be able to trophy hunt just about any level trophies if you choose to use them to level the lower schools. When trophy hunting you stay in the strongest school while gathering them, then switch to the school you want to add exp in while doing the trophy turn-in quests. Example: Your lvl 100 warrior will be able to quickly and efficiently gather 200 trophies for the lvl 41 to 45 range, then you switch to that school, and go turn them in for the exp. 5 levels in no time for the lower, still weaker school.

    Next, pick a craft school, and finish that to 100. Blacksmith or Outfitter would be good first craft schools. Do this while in your level 100 warrior. This allows you to wear t5 gear, triple t5 teched for craft skills, while leveling blacksmith, even at level 1 blacksmith. This makes the craft school level much quicker.

    After the first level 100 craft school is done, you will be able to wear t5 padded ironsilk, triple t5 teched for your adventure schools, even at level 1 adventurer (as long as you are in a lvl 100 craft school). This includes t5 health jewelry, triple t5 teched. Which can be upgraded to t6 jewelry once your rating is high enough (Rating has its benefits). So then you can switch back to lvl 30 cleric, wearing t5 padded ironsilk armor, with t5 techs all around, t5 health jewelry also triple t5 teched, and start slaughtering level 60 mobs and get exp just fine.

    For a Battlemage build, all of these classes will provide a benefit, leveled to 100:
    Warrior (maximum health, armor use, shield use, melee skills, whirlwind melee aoe, employ shield block bonus)
    Mage (maximum flame skill, maximum energy skill, maximum magic evasion, perfect spell, multicast I, melee ward, fusion burn, passive power boost, includes enough ice skill to cast Ice Attack, t5 Ice/Energy/Flame resist/ward spells, which are all useful in group situations depending on the fight)
    Healer (maximum life skill, augmentation skill, maximum focus skill, illustrious stand (group aura that lowers incoming attack skill against undead/withered aegis), passive boosts to healing)
    Monk (maximum evasion, maximum dexterity, foresight (evade 1 attack completely), passive evasion boost, special attack adept (increases damage of all special attacks like multistrike, whirlwind, energy sabre), unarmed skill allows fighting with craft tools in hand)
    Druid for detox self, detox other, forest mist (group evasion boost), natures fury (group damage boost). (These are incredibly useful)
    even Spiritist is good to have as battlemage (maximum spirit skill allow use of spirit bolts useable by all schools, maximum blight skill, spirit/blight resist/wards which are good for some boss hunts, spirit walk ability (absorbs one attack), passive +118 ethereal armor, a few blight spells like lessen armor, and the other 'lessen" spells, which teched with range are good pullers, syphon and area syphon lifetap heals). You will want to keep a spirit bolt 1 scribed forever just about, since lvl 100 spiritist spirit skill allows the t1 bolt to hit for 150 to 170.
    Cleric (dispirit, area dispirit, gleaming shield armor aoe (does not stack with true grit))

    Now that you have come this far on your crazy multiclassing adventure, might as well finish it off with:
    72 Wizard for accelerate passive 10% spell alacrity, dynamic pulse (stun),
    40 Chaos Warrior for unbridled energy (melee attacks -20% delay, additional damage for 1 minute)
    40 Sorcerer for Blur (+40 evasion passive),
    92 Conjuror for multicast II, ice/flame elements -> ice barrier, infix fury, (96) phoenix rising flame pbaoe. 100 conj for max ice skill. (Ice bolt teched with numbing is useful)
    If you plan to use a shield: 44 Spearman for Block Bonus (+20 block passive) can skip 44 Spearman if you plan to do Knight of Creation since it also gets it. Only helps when a Shield is equipped.

    Come to think of it, the above build is useful for pretty much any main class you want to play... Skip the Spearman if you will not use a shield. For Reaver, Paladin, Warrior as mains, add 100 Berserker to max out 2 hand slash skill.
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    OK thanks. Is leveling Blacksmith/Outfitter necessary,as I basically regarded them as not important once I unlocked the Weaponsmith and Armourer classes and Tailor for the cloth wearing ones,as I don't see them giving me anything that can get,and if I need to level them at a later stage I can always go back and level them using higher-level materials later. It does take up a bit extra space but seeing I was lucky enough to acquire some platemail armour recipes, I figure I may as well make the best use of them at this point. I did read the link provided but I'm not really interested in max rating at this point,just what suits me best,as I combine crafting and leveling sometimes,when I'm hunting Golem trophies.

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    The advantage to the 'bridging schools' of OUT, BLK, and SCH is that they share skills that can be used to level other schools.

    Example: You level GTH and OUT together, making the spools with GTH and using the spools for OUT recipes. Fabric Isle is nice for this and makes cloth schools in general very easy to level. Once GTH is at 80, stop with it and take OUT all the way to 100. With OUT done, you will have a good baseline to level up the other cloth schools AND have smelting/armorcraft. From a level 100 OUT, you will have 800 base Smelting and 700 base Mining. Not the best, but it allows you to immediately jump into T5 metals to level up BLK, WPN, etc. Plus OUT gains armorcraft which is necessary in leveling up Armorer. You'll be able to touch Mithril Round Shields to level up ARM quickly.

    The idea of the bridge schools is to give a variety of skill gains. They are crap skill gains compared to the specialties (WPN, ARM, etc). MIN and GTH are the raw harvesting counterparts to the crafting specialties. With some research, you can make things in the long run easier on yourself. You cannot drop crafting schools as you can adventuring, so some maneuvers (TNK to 100 right away) can cost you later.

    Cegaiel's is a good reference for the schools themselves.

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