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    Default Anniversary Celebration Extended

    It has been a great celebration so far, and we at Virtrium have decided we aren't quite ready to have that fun stop. We've had many players take advantage of the additional plot slot. As we watched them build up their new plots over this past month, we thought "What better way to continue the fun than to extend the free property slot?" And so that's just what we've done.

    So from now until February 4th, we'll be continuing the Anniversary Property Slot that players received in December. A special note on this, though... on January 28 we'll send out an email to players who have a plot through the Anniversary program. Players who took advantage of the Anniversary Plot Slot will have one week to convert their plot to novians (or add Access to their account).

    The extra experience that the Anniversary Celebration has provided has also proven popular, so why end a good thing early? Anniversary bonus experience is extended until February 4. This bonus experience is available on all shards. So get out there and adventure! Build your plot, or perhaps buy one for the first time! In other words, come out and celebrate because 2014 promises to be an awesome year in Istaria!
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