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Thread: Pre-revamp RoP data lost?

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    Default Pre-revamp RoP data lost?

    Wasn`t sure the best thread for this, please move to proper one if not in correct thread. thanks.

    Just want to prove I`m not just loosing my mind XD
    Everyone who has an adult and/or ancient dragon, ALL shards.
    If you accended to adult BEFORE the adult RoP quest`s revamp. Check your completed quests logs.
    Are your Helian or lunus path quests there? or missing? (just adult not ancient. ancient ARoP seems fine)

    Remember, this only applies to those who completed the quest line BEFORE the revamp. Post-revamp ones DO show in the logs

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    Default Re: Pre-revamp RoP data lost?

    hmmm no Path of anything quests in my log, no "Rite" quests, nothing. Look vanished
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