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    Are we meant to be able to deconstruct all spells?
    Reason for asking is I have found many that say they are stackable items but do not stack
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    Spells aren't supposed to stack, and, most should be able to be deconstructed too. o.o

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    That is what I thought, but asked in case I was mistaken.
    I have checked as far as Ice Bomb and have found 28 spells that are not deconstructable and say they are stackable items and they do not stack.
    The spells are both Dragon and Biped spells, starting with Arcane refusal and go to where I have checked (so far) which is Ice Bomb.
    I will wait to hear from a staff member before I go any further and submit a bug report. I would hate to spend hours checking it to find it is as it should be

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    Many spells have been made stackable because they must be to be sold on a vendor. They will not stack because they have a max stack size of one.

    This should not, however, effect their ability to be deconstructable.

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    Thanks for your reply Velea.
    It is my understanding that stackable items are automatically made to not deconstruct.
    However, these are a few that I can not deconstruct but also stay in singles in the inventory :
    Arcane Refusal, Barrage, Binding crystals,Blood Bolt,Breeze,Burning hands.
    It also appears to effect all teirs of the mentioned spells.

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    I should ask, too, what server is this on?

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    Ooops sorry, Blight

    Do you want me to send the list of the ones I've found so far in a ticket?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryin View Post
    Ooops sorry, Blight

    Do you want me to send the list of the ones I've found so far in a ticket?
    No, no need. We're working on the issue.
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    O'kay, thanks very much

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