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Thread: facing reality.

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    Default facing reality.

    i never thought i'd be making one of these posts. then again, i'm not the only one who has said "i will be here until they stop replacing the hamsters that die running the wheels."

    this is not exactly a goodbye post.. just a "let's be honest, ..." post. i haven't taken the time to actually play horizons (*ahem*) in a long time. i've been here a decade now.. quite a milestone, though i know i'm not the only one. there have been periods of a week or more recently where i haven't logged in at all, though all i usually do is talk to whoever i know is also logged in at the time. occasionally i will still make things for people if i'm asked.. and i love to be asked. that's something that hasn't changed, and never will. i am a crafter.

    my point is simply that.. if i am needed, i can still be contacted. facebook is the best way - i do have an email address, but i never check it. i have facebook set up to send notifications to my RL email account, so i'll see if a facebook message is sent to me.

    i still intend to log in as i have time, but the fact is i DO have the time but am either distracted by other things i'm working on at home, so i don't say anything, or just don't log in because i want to focus on other things.
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    Default Re: facing reality.

    bah.. dangit. i intended to point out that i have the techs for eminence, vital defiance and primal flash, but not primal vengeance. i can also make xGenerate Health and thunder cloud, which are rare if i recall. i might have a few other rare formulae... can't remember which are.

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    I can certainly sympathise as I have gone through many cycles of playing and resting. I hope you enjoy your break and I hope you can once again find passion for logging in to Horizons
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    Default Re: facing reality.

    wow. i'm a dork. i went through a bit of testing to make sure that facebook thing would work out.. here there's a setting to have PM notifications sent to your email address. so uh... i finally turned that on. >< no worries if you don't have facebook... just send me a PM here. ugh.

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    good to know you are still with us!

    I do not underestimate what the old souls mean to the game.
    And not only because they are the keepers of old knowledge.

    Have a good time and a good life until we meet again!

    You found good words, dorrin.
    YOU told me to play a dragon! [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]

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    I hope to continue seeing you around,dorrin....don't you go disappearing on us my friend.....*grins* otherwise the craft zombies my find your lair,see you when I see you,you old hermit you.

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    Sad news dorrin. Hope this passes and you return to enjoying the game and not just the company it provides.

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    Default Re: facing reality.

    I know the feeling. Well RL business that is. I havn`t had the time to really log in Istaria myself due to work, family. ect.. Heard you were moving bTW. Good luck on the move! hope to keep in touch. Feel free to add me on Facebook, I`m Darkwing Dragon there
    I`m at that point with reagle. i only really log him in for either RP, crafting, or comp hunting XD

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    Default Re: facing reality.

    Don't leave now, the Titles are about to become abilities. It's going to be epic, I could use an old form for spits, pans, pots ect.. for earthencraft those are hard to find....-Korchak Strongbone Grand Master Crafter.ADV. Rating 210

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    Do what you need to do man. I know that feeling myself. RL has taken control a lot of times. Some games I came in and gone. Returned myself so if you return. I hope to see you back. Untill then, Take care my friend.

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    Default Re: facing reality.

    Dorrin, please come home soon. After your rest you could be refreshed. We will miss you!

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