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    As most of you reading this have figured out by now, we're offline.

    The short answer to what happened is that "something" went wrong with the account system early, early this morning. This has left the forums online, but that's about it.

    Our super great systems admin guy, Deforian and his team are working extra hard and doing their best to fix it. But right now, the game is offline that oh so dreaded "indefinitely".

    As I said in the forum thread, when I know more, I'll tell you more. But if you are an Istaria player and have contact with other players (especially those who don't normally read the forums), please spread the word, as this appears like it is going to be one of those "long haul" type days.

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    Latest word is that we should not expect things to be fixed before tomorrow, most likely.

    We do apologize, but it really is out of our control what went wrong (and, btw, I haven't asked what went wrong because that would take time away from getting it right again).

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    Weeell... we're making progress... the accounts and support websites are back up, game logins are working again and we're hoping to have the patch server back online this evening.

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    The patch server is back online.

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