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    Some thoughts on the KnoC since I started playing with it. I'm just about level 30 and I want to point a few things out about my experiences so far.

    The passive threat modifier is nice for group play, I'm finding though that anyone who does decent damage (I've got a friend who plays crossbowman [shocking, I know] and his DPS is much better than everyone in the group) or heals grabs aggro from me quickly. Battle Shout, Brandish and War Cry all work well to grab attention initially and take attention back briefly, but holding aggro is still difficult.

    I have only used the 1 handed sword and the shield, and I can say I'm not disappointed. The shield feels pretty good and I'm very impressed with the shield slam mechanic. I do think the shield slam could use a reduction in the CD, 30 seconds isn't terrible but bringing it on par with power strike would make it a lot better, especially considering the amount of blocking a KnoC is doing.

    The sword is nice, but I feel that I'm already starting to fall behind damage wise at 30th level. Having to wait until 40th level to finally get an upgrade in damage is tough, but not that bad I guess. Bringing the damage of the sword up even a few points would go miles to helping make the sword better. Especially considering that other crafted weapons can have techniques applied, it's tough to keep up with the same weapon for 20 levels.

    As for the specific skills for the blade, blinding strike could use a little love. I see no reason for it not to be a 100% blind chance, especially considering it's debuff isn't that harsh.

    Mighty blow could use a little love, the stun is either broken or ridiculously short (less than 2 seconds).

    The Blessing of Istara is great, I can't complain about it. I would like to see more Istara centered abilities, the Withered Aegis Knights of Destruction have a number of interesting abilities that KnoCs have no answer for. It'd be cool to have at least one strike skill that the KnoC could use which does something.

    In conclusion, the new KnoC is very good, a few tweaks could make it great.
    - They should have some way to hold aggro, any healers or damage dealers almost always grab aggro right back.
    - Shield Slam could use a CD decrease. I'd like to see at least 15 seconds, but no CD would be great too :)
    - The summoned sword should have a damage increase, just a bit to keep it competitive over 20 levels.
    - Blinding Strike should be a 100% blind, I see no reason why it isn't.
    - Mighty Blow should be looked at. The stun seems broken and it doesn't do that much extra damage.
    - Another Istara themed ability. Perhaps a HoT like Istara's Breath (the buff sold by Pawnbrokers).

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    Thanks for the feedback!

    - I'll definitely reduce Shield Slam, that's a good idea (made it 20s)
    - Same with Blinding Strike, its not unbalancing to have the debuff apply 100% of the time
    - Mighty Blow was giving a Short Stun which is 3s. I have raised it to a Moderate Stun (5s). However, a couple notes. 1) It only has a 40% chance of stunning. 2) If the target is already stunned OR has temporary stun immunity then it won't stun the target again until either wears off. Also, please note that its damage is using 1hs so if you are using any other weapon it will do far less damage (it currently has a 35% damage boost).
    - Threat I'm not sure about. KnoC's get a passive, Protective, at level 1, a non-masterable, that boosts their threat generation by 450%. So, possible that other schools you were fighting with were also boosting their threat through other abilities, such as stances and that was causing an issue?
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