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Thread: Concerning Khutit Form

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    Default Concerning Khutit Form

    I've given this a good bit of thought over my (limited) time in Istaria, what use exactly is Khutit form? I mean aside from un-sticking butts from tiny spaces they've gotten themselves into. It's no good for combat unless you throw your breath abilities out the window and no different for crafting with.

    When and why was Khutit form first discovered/created? If it is something inherent to dragonkind, why would Drulkar create us with a (seemingly) useless ability that gives the young and uneducated a reason to compare our lofty race to the Sslisk? The thought of being compared to a naka-duskael hrmph! ...Anyway if it isn't something that dragons have always been able to do, I'm very curious as to who first used that form and why... good potential for more lore here.

    I personally think Khutit form is one of the least utilized abilities we dragons have and very little lore to go with it, perhaps some time in the future we could have a khutit craft school? (Something that allows us to make some biped or biped-ish items since we do have the proper proportions to use their tools in that form?) Ideally I'd love a new khutit combat school but I do understand that with the current game mechanics that would be impossible for dragons.

    But perhaps this bit of rambling and hoping could someday have results... Keep up the good work Devs!
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    Default Re: Concerning Khutit Form

    As I recall, khutit form was created specifically to enable dragons access to buildings that they no longer fit into after becoming adults.

    I seem to recall dragons were not able to fly when Horizons first launched; the Rite of Passage was a major addition during the first year. It was after dragons enlarged to adult and could not fit into biped structures they needed to (e.g., vault, consigner) that the khutit form was devised. I do not think it was ever really intended for a functional school.
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    Default Re: Concerning Khutit Form

    It very very very foggy roots.
    Nya-on-the-peak mentions that she is disgusted of the dragons of today - for we forgot the ancient art of changing forms.
    Nya, assumedly, was around before sleeper peak got it's crater (she mentions the passage of time and other things relating to pre-stormy storm peak) so, that was before a time when dragons needed the form.
    What my question is, is whether the people who wrote that weren't as fanatic as I am about lore, or whether it had actual purpose. Like, why would dragons need khutit form if not for interacting with the united world and being able to access buildings?

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    Default Re: Concerning Khutit Form

    hmmm....from a "logical" standpoint, there's be absolutely no reason to "change form" in as drastic a fashion as Khutit, either, going from a quadruped with wings to a biped without wings; much more logical and likely would be to simply "revert" to hatchling size. Khutit suggests there was more to it than simply being able to fit into buildings: a time, place or occupation that required a great deal of moving around in a confined area while making use of 2 hands/claws.

    An interesting line of questions....
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    Default Re: Concerning Khutit Form

    I could and would not live without Khutit.
    I could not use or enjoy my and my friends plots, gardens and buildings.
    even in lairs I often prefer biped form.
    I enter Shalots room in khutit form, and whenever if try to prevent to pull agro with my big butts.
    I often use it when I talk to newbies or help them or protect lower chars.
    And its fun to fight in biped form*shrugs* at least for me.
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    Default Re: Concerning Khutit Form

    Quote Originally Posted by LOVWYRM View Post
    And its fun to fight in biped form*shrugs* at least for me.
    You remember that Valkor hunt where all the dragons turn into khutit for the fight?
    Still the best time i've had on a hunt to now, lol.

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    Default Re: Concerning Khutit Form

    Indeed Az- it was a crazy wonderful day-
    and after fight:
    all those multi-colored dragons...dancing a line dance (in khutit form, for sure)
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    Default Re: Concerning Khutit Form

    One of the few Valkor hunts I'd been one, and yet the most fun to have. somantterriblescreenies. >>

    Didn't we do the can-can? I bet that's why the form was made.
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    Default Re: Concerning Khutit Form

    I'd have paid good money (someone else's, of course) to have seen that!
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    Default Re: Concerning Khutit Form

    I'd gladly share screenshots of that event but unfortunately my previous laptop with said screenies no longer exists. :c

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    Default Re: Concerning Khutit Form

    I`m a bit foggy on the lore. especialy since I only started playing back in late 2007. But I think it had to do with the time when dragons, and bipeds were fighting each other. maybe it was a means of getting on the bipeds level for communication, or so they could fit comfortably into biped building for major meetings and such.
    Gameplay wise it does come in handy considerable when you don`t want to aggro mobs (Ifound it especialy useful in Queen hunts when entering her chamber)

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