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Thread: Regicide - 2014 Update - Guild Overhaul

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    Default Regicide - 2014 Update - Guild Overhaul

    Hello, everyone!

    Regicide was a project that was recently put on hold for a while, due to things coming up in life. College came around once again, and it demanded my attention as well as other pressing matters. So I and the guild was pretty much inactive for the past two or three months. Well, I cleared up my schedule and made time, so Regicide is back once again. When I logged in and launched the guild again, the numbers shot up, the Regicide public chat channel was alive again with conversation and booming with the sweet sound of a community being brought together. I missed the guild, and so did others, based on what I've seen or heard so far. I'm glad that my hard work has brought some people to enjoy the game with others and have a most memorable adventure in the lands of Istaria!

    Well, Regicide IS back!

    There is our website, it is completely updated and revamped as of 2014. There is also a new guild logo, as you see in the signature of this entire post. This logo is not only on the website, trailer, etc, but it is also on our new guild merchandise!

    Regicide Merchandise.jpg

    Below is also our guild trailer!

    If you want to watch more videos, visit Regicides YouTube channel:

    This is our guild deviantart group, anyone in Istaria can join this one, as it is more public.


    Guildmaster: AngelofDeathXx Ahriman
    Co-Guildmasters: Levitus the Just and Alkazaar

    You can email me at [email protected] if you have any more questions about Regicide or, anything else involving Istaria. You can also email me here to let me know if you have any issues, or complaints regarding Regicide.


    If you wish to join Regicide, please fill out the application on our website and await your application to be looked over by our team of officers, thank you!


    • NO bullying or harassment of any manner in guild. It is okay to joke around, but if you hurt someones feelings, apologize and let it go. Do NOT bully or harass people based on their religious beliefs, sexuality, or anything else you know would hurt them.
    • NO cursing in main chat like a sailor. We do not allow this, for there are children playing this game and they do not need to see your foul language. Guild chat is fine since it is more of a private chat where we know people don't care for cursing.
    • NO power-leveling of ANY kind!
    • NO begging for help. Yes, ask for help and we will try our best. If we say simply "You don't need help with that, you should be able to do that on your own," it is for a REASON. Do not question it. Just go do it on your own, simple as that.
    • Please speak with at least a 5th grade education of grammar and English please. We do not understand when you say, "Idntknowere2gofur disqust!".
    • Be a respectable person. Hold the Regicide name with pride. If you don't want to, save us the trouble and leave guild.

    You need to have an adventure level of 10+ and crafting level of 10+ in order to apply for guild. If you don't have a character with at least those levels, your application will be denied. You then can apply again when you have met the requirements.

    - AngelofDeathXx

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    Default Re: Regicide - 2014 Update - Guild Overhaul

    Our ACTUAL website is:

    Sorry for the mistype!

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