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    one of my two silos on my plot in Genevia are broken. empty, but get message there`s not enough room even when trying to put 1 stack item in. tried relogging, clearing world cache, and tried several characters. Anyone else have a silo or several silos that you cannot place anything into today?

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    Not sure if its the same issue I notice with both silos and libraries in my lair, but I need to wait a bit after opening the silo/library storage window the first time each log-on for it to fully initialize. Watch the text in the title bar of the window, if it doesn't tell you specificically that its a certain tier silo or library it hasn't loaded yet.

    If its not that issue, then I'm afraid I can't be of any more assistance.
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    it`s not that. I waited until it read "Silo T2" at the top of the window. I`m thinking it`s a bug. though i will try again today, by manualy clearing the entire world cache. a fellow guildy told me that might fix the problem XD

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    Well it`s not the world cache. so if it`s not fixed by next Tuesday`s maint. looks like I`ll be sending in another support ticket
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    Target the silo and try changing between list view and grid view and see if something appears in the silo.


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