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Thread: Istaria Changes that benifit new players only

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    Default Istaria Changes that benifit new players only

    To whoever is running this game:
    It is so annoying to see time and time again, you make changes that benefit new players only. When you changed the ceremonial shield to allow techs or sockets to it, it allowed new players who have not done the blackhammer farm quests to put that tech on the ceremonial shield for a total of +800 blight resistance.

    You should never forget the players who have supported you over the years, the same people that have lived through it all.

    When you make changes that benefit a small % of players and you don't do something that compensates the others like allow a trade it to remove a tech to use against another that is now allowed, it is going to cause hate and discontent.

    My suggestion is just stop making trivial changes and fix the real bugs in the game, but if you insist on changing something for enhancement then at a minimum allow your solid base players who have stayed with you for years to be able to somehow gain this change.
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    Default Re: Istaria Changes that benifit new players only

    Jus' saying that the devs probably won't really see it in this section, especially considering this is the 'just ranting' instead of 'rant istaria style'... ^^;

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    Default Re: Istaria Changes that benifit new players only

    I understand your frustration and I want you to know that we are working on a way to allow players to acquire additional tech kits and quested items that are one-time use.

    However, I wish to make two points:

    1) We cannot always accommodate everyone when we make changes. It is simply impossible and if we tried we'd never get anything done.

    2) Sometimes accommodating more players requires additional work and systems which might (such as in this case) require too much work to fit into the current update or might require additional tech or art.

    Bottom line, yes we are aware that people who have already used tech kits cannot take advantage of them again when new items come out. On the one hand that is how MMOs work, you make use of something now and you might not have it later when something cooler comes out. On the other hand, we will be working to add a new way to earn these quest rewards again (if you've earned them the regular way the first time) soon (think, Daily quests and tokens).
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