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    Feel free to disregard this thread as I only posted it here because TheRock has a full inbox and can't receive messages.

    Hey Scram sorry havent been around my younger brother had to have brain surgery so I was in Toronto for the past week almost. Brother's surgery was a complete success and he should be moved out of ICU to a room sometime today so I came home.

    Lots on my plate after being away from Nikki and Wade all week. I'll be in-game Sunday morning for a little while at least. Hope to catch you in Istaria tomorrow. Could sure use some steam let off. See you soon.

    Scram please let the rest of the Scions know why I have been away. Not neglecting Istaria.
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    PS Empty your mailbox Scram

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    from a fellow Ontarian .. i hope your brother makes a speedy and full recovery .. see you in Istaria

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    Wondered where you thoughts are with you and your brother, Teto...good to hear the surgery was a success!!
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