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    Hallo fellow istarians! ^^

    Timeless has met an unfortunate stand in time where our beloved guild leader Image has left the game and the guild leader title fell onto me and the guild is now in the hands of Images friends such as Agua, Cassidy, Skywize, Iormungr and me, this is just a few of the ones that still remain.

    We want even more friends to join us as our member list might be long but not online. We want new friends to join us on the land and sky!
    We are friendly and love to joke, if you feel this is you or just have some questions, please don't be afraid to contact me or any other Timeless member that might be online! ^^

    Timeless is an ancient guild that has been in existence since the game started, so we have members that have been playing for years and many years to come!

    --We play on the Chaos server--

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    Ive been in this guild for 2 months now and i can recommend it we are like Shashy says friendly and willing to help others with questing or crafting, Or just having RP fun in chat Im proud to be a member of Timeless guild and i hope i get to see many new faces!

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    I`m still an active member, just havn`t had much Istaria time these last few months. between overtime at work, friends/family, and summer outings, and events. But I will be back regularily once life settles down a bit. miss you guys! *draggie hugs, and slurps all around*

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    Mazrogal is right. This guild truely is a spectical. Members are friendly and I highly recomend it as well. I been in this guild for over 2 months now along with my husband Mazrogal. I have to admit Shashy does a great job managing the guild and we all have a great time together as one. I always have fun in timeless and love the people I meet in this guild, everyone is so friendly and welcoming to new members and fellow guildies. Shashy does well managing it and we always have fun together. Timeless is a great guild and I'm happy to be a part of it as is my husband Mazrogal. me and Mazrogal would like to thank Skywise for inviting us to this guild and a Special thanks to Shashy for making timeless a great experience keep up the good work Shashy and may the Dragon gods watch over you good friend

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    I very much have loved all my years spent with Timeless. I am no longer in game but once held a large lair near chiconis that is now held by another guild member. I believe it has all t5 or t6 machines and a bunch of silos. which is helpful for grinding craft in the nearby iron field!

    I am also always open to any discussion about the guild / game in general though I have not been in game for over a year so I am not the most knowledgeable source. I am glad to see Timeless is still alive and well and miss everyone dearly. <3

    Maybe someday I will be able to pop back in again!

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    Well thought i would throw in my dime XD I have been in the guild for around four years. Some changes have happened during my time in, but the guild is still as fun and helpful as ever. They have gone out of their way to help me get back into the game as well as helping others learn the game for the first time. While i miss Image the new guild leadership is superb and the current GL Shashy ranks in my top three guild leaders on any game. It is as always an honor to bring the fight to the Withered Aegis alongside my friends in timeless ^..^

    oh and there is always a little insanity in timeless

    Delvien Vol 100/41 3129 days and counting, assorted hatchies, and a creature called Disturbed.

    I live for chaos

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    A little?
    Dragon Scroll; BLIGHT~Anam, Ahleah; CHAOS~Veruliyam, Ceruliyan, Jaguarundi, Spinel, Ssussurrouss, Chon; ORDER~Aucapoma, Susurrus

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    if you're crazy for loving lairshaping WELL THEN IM CRAZY MUHAHAHAHAHA i just love timeless and the fun times in chat hehe xD

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    Timeless - where the fun doesn't stop!

    .. Until you crash of course~

    Shout-out to all of you
    - Ky
    Her Purpliness of Chaos, Kyala
    Big Goldy of Chaos, Orlaith
    Little hatchling of Order, Kaleith

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