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    Default Chaos - Phoenix Fellowship

    It's not often that two guilds have the same values, meet together and function as a family. I am proud to announce the formation of Phoenix Fellowship which is the result of the merger of The Black Eyes of Istaria & Brains and Brawn guilds.

    We believe in helping others, especially new and returning players. We follow the "play it forward" principle in that you don't "pay back" instead you will help other players. We do have forums and Teamspeak 3 available. Yes we are recruiting! Here's our criteria:

    • You bring a wickedly positive, selfless attitude to the table.
    • You are a mature adult, and can balance gaming excellence with real life.
    • This is a drama-free guild. If you cause/create trouble, it's bye bye.

    While this is an adult guild that is primarily EST based, we do have members from all over the world. We are not hardcore (though our significant others may say otherwise), but we do take our gaming seriously. We don't recruit by class, we recruit by person. We really don't care what class you play (even gnome!) as long as you bring class to the guild. That's it in a nutshell. Not too complicated.

    If you read this and think that your mojo jives with our mojo, please take the time to tell us about yourself by either posting at or joining the Phoenix chat channel in game. Please do not expect an immediate guild invite as we like to get to know each other and see how you fit into our family.
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    Chaos - Phoenix Fellowship
    I love this guild! Dac and Zeb have done a great job. The part I like the most is the appreciation by everyone in the guild for others style of game play. We have people who love to craft including myself and we have people who just like to squash stuff and both are accepted equally. I am fairly new to the game so I'll leave all the heavy stuff to the bosses but, it seems we are always willing to invite a good person who respects others to the guild.

    Rule of thumb for new folks who are interested is come on over to the chat channel Phoenix and we'll see how well you fit into the group. Give it some time to get to know everyone, there is no time period. Ultimately it comes down to when the GM decides upon conferencing with the rest when or if the individual should be Guilded.

    Looking at the criteria above in the previous post hmm, there are always exceptions to the rule, who says mature is a good thing? Hehehe!

    I just want to add that another really cool thing is that this guild is like family. When someone needs help it always seems like there are multiple people willing to drop what their doing and lend a helping hand. I know people helped me out a lot building my Grand Guild House and I think it took only a week and a half to do. Impressive the components were daunting to me to say the least!

    Thank you Phoenix Fellowship for the Friendship the family and the sense of belonging, it hasn't gone un noticed. :-)

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    Default Re: Chaos - Phoenix Fellowship

    Thought I would give this a bump, we are still one of the more active guilds in the game.
    Dacurly Dac : Phoenix Fellowship Guild : Chaos Server

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