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Thread: Goodbye everyone

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    Default Goodbye everyone

    I have thought about it for a long while... Having played to this game for years, I wanted to thank all of you who helped me making my dragon stronger and bigger, all of you who had nice and fun times with me, all of you who have been welcoming, friendly and helpful, all of you which I've grown to call friends.
    I will never forget any of the heartwarming, good memories from my time in Istaria.

    But after several years in this community, I've grown thinking it was time to go. I have moved on from RP and from the game itself ; more and more barely, and briefly, logging from times to times...
    So... life goes on, I guess, as we discover and get into new things.

    Thanks again, to the community who I spent 3 good years with. Take care everyone, and goodbye.

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    Default Re: Goodbye everyone

    *serves LungTien Temeraire an [Imperial Urn] full of klava presented with a towel and a curtsy*
    Hope this reminds you of how much you will be missed and encourages you to return sooner rather than later!

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    Default Re: Goodbye everyone

    farewell, lung, and know we will be waiting for you to come home whenever you desire it!
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    Good bye Lung,

    take care whereever your path leads you *winghugs and snifs*
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    This is a sad day for Istaria. Especially for Order. And the role play.
    And a sad day for a sister , who will miss her one and only brother more than I can say.
    I remember our good times with tears in my eyes.
    Farewell brother- have a good and happy life.
    May Drulkar keep his eye on you wherever you go.
    Maybe we meet again- in the skies-or somewhere else.
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    Default Re: Goodbye everyone

    Sad news Lung. All the best wishes where ever you may roam.

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    *wings hugs you tightly* awwww! we`ll miss you Lung! hope ou still pop in time to time on the forums! if not, pop me an email!
    don`t loose touch bro! *nuzzles*
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    Default Re: Goodbye everyone

    It's sad to see you leave Lung. :C

    We'll always welcome you if you decide to come back. We'll miss you, take care!
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