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    I'm just going to drop my 2 cents.

    I'm new here and I can tell you, one of the biggest issues here is the graphics. I can be considered a "Graphics Freak". Because I am. I love Hyper-Realistic graphics. But I also like Gameplay.

    If you asked me, what do I prefer? Graphics or Gameplay? I say both. An ugly game doesn't attract me. Doesn't matter how good those features or gameplay is. Still looks terrible. And I don't want to touch it, because it looks gross. But a game with bad gameplay and excellent graphics can atleast be an art gallery. Hey, the game is terrible, but it sure does look amazing. And I can stay to look at the amazing Landscapes and scenery, but after I've seen it all I'll probably just leave as well.

    Istaria already needs improved Graphics, otherwise, no one will ever bother to try it. I for example am trying to play it again, because last time went pretty bad. Actually I would even say, it requires better combat, as last time I played it, I remember cringing my teeth saying: "Oooohhhh, this doesn't feel very good...."
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    I can't believe I actually took the time to read post #29. Very nice Vahrokh! You made a lot of good points. At first I was like woah....that's a lot of words. HAHA but as I read it, it was some good points. I like how you took the time to see what came up with different search entries, that's interesting to me. I don't know how that stuff works but, I'm guess you pay X amount for better hits? MAYTAGS? Something like that anyways, nice job!

    P.S. I don't mind the graphics I don't like all the wiz bang these young kids like these days. I used to play starcraft back in the day and loved it and when the new one came out i jumped on it, but all the colors and effects makes me sick to my stomach. same thing happens to me with The Rift. I just can't do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Korchak Strongbone View Post

    P.S. I don't mind the graphics I don't like all the wiz bang these young kids like these days. I used to play starcraft back in the day and loved it and when the new one came out i jumped on it, but all the colors and effects makes me sick to my stomach. same thing happens to me with The Rift. I just can't do it.
    I agree- and love our graphics- they are unique-
    lots of games look all the same-or chars do--
    Flame took time to make a new char in a new game once- and when he enterered the world first time:
    Clones all around- though they offered lots of modern features.
    Nahhh- do not like that either.
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    Recently the population raised a bit, maybe because of the vacations, new things or the double xp... Eh well, I might say stuff people already said but it does not hurt anyone to say them again from another perspective.

    Graphics are not all that makes a great game but it does help attract some people. I still love Istaria's graphics. The trees look kinda wacky but hey, generally it looks good for an 'old' MMO when you put quality to the max. I wouldn't say no to refreshing updates to them though. I may be a big butt ancient and not see the terrain clutter much (grass and co) but seeing more added here and there would be great, it would help a lot I think. The ground would look less 'flat'.

    I've had some friends try Istaria in the past and the main problems were mostly the combat style and the lack of directions/tutorials. As for the combat, I know these friends were searching for more up to date stuff so it was to be expected, sadly. As for the tutorials part, they have been updated since that time so I think this is partly solved. New players need directions when they start! I remember the time I started playing about 4 years ago there were not really any tutorials and I watched a youtube video to have a little walkthrough of Skalkaar. Though not everyone would actually take the time to go look for information. Gotta say I -really- wanted to play haha. That also means some people need a little push to actually get the taste.

    The other problems were language and payment. Those are a whole other story. I don't think Istaria is -that- expensive, but, there is surely other ways. For example a way to allow players to play until x level for free, with guild restrictions, etc. WoW does it and it gives you time to see the world, the quest, the lore, etc. It might help, or not. This is already good to have a trial of 14 days already even if a bit short.

    The big plus side we got here, is our wonderful community. :3 If the little lacks are made up for, I'm sure Istaria could get a lot more people to play!

    (I did not expect myself to write so much hehe)
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    I talked to a friend of mine in other mmorpg about Istaria. He asked things, I answered. He told he'd check website, returned and told about bad graphic. Another user on other website told about Istaria "graphic made for Android". Yes, for me graphic is of lesser importance...but for some out of there it is important.

    Advertising could help. If users who are satisfied could spread the word it would be the best ads. There are blogs, vlogs, social networks:these can be used to tell things about Istaria. We do not need propaganda, we just need to tell features you will meet in Istaria only.

    Housing. Something has to be done there. As I travel through Istaria's server (Order) - mostly I see empty plots. Ghosst towns. Some plots were in superb positions - and they are no more. Maybe owner left,maybe became free player, maube something other. What I suggest is to discuss a way to increase number of player owned plots, like: make price lesser; make it available to any paying customer or even make it available for anyone who has been playing Istaria for certan time (at least 5 years, for example).

    Player created content. Other games does not shine there ("devs knows better"), hence - our chance. Community may offer quality ideas.

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    Unfortunately nothing can be done about the graphics - mentioning them as bad is as good as beating a dead horse. Not only is the art team overloaded as is from what I hear, but also it's near impossible to update everything in Istaria. Amon said something along the lines of the graphics in the world being nearly impossible to update but I can't remember his exact words or why, so don't count me or him on that. (I searched back to November in the Skype chat where he mentioned it but I can't find the quote) The devs are doing what they can, and an example is the updated.. Demon Spike, I think? mentioned recently.

    There is a 'Spread the Word' program for people with Gifted-level subs to get another free plot slot if they do X amount of things to spread the word of Istaria in Y amount of time. The document is here - So the developers definitely encourage spreading the word yourself, as do I

    Recently, the plot pricing has been adjusted. Those in good spots and in towns are much higher priced than ones out in the middle of nowhere. My lair in the cliffs of Order's Harro was 700 silver when I bought it but now it's something like 5 or 7 gold because it's right near the landing pad. I mostly saw prices go up if anything so a price reduction is probably not likely.
    Either way, the lack of plot holders on Order primarily is because there is a lack of players. Also, people like neighbors - there are communities that are full and some that are just deserted. You can't purchase and build up plots without players with the subs/will to do so, which we lack. I don't know if giving out free subs like that to any paying customer after 5 years is a wise idea to be honest - there are few enough new players in Istaria. The biggest supporters are the people who have played for those 5 years and pay for their plots - take that away and you take income away. So while it's a nice thought and idea, it's a bit detrimental business wise.

    The devs do offer players to create content sort of with mods (which are implemented sometimes), and encouraged it lately - the post asking for player-submitted lore was pretty recent in the TTtT section.

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    Not only is the art team overloaded as is from what I hear, but also it's near impossible to update everything in Istaria.

    Overwhelmed, yes, because we're attempting to revamp a large area of the game (Tier3 Tazoon). Upgrades to weapon textures will be on Blight once Delta 263 is patched. We've been looking into upgrades to terrain clutter and trees. Unfortunately there is no "Easy Button" or click here to upgrade your graphics. Each and every object must be evaluated and addressed. As you can imagine in a game that is big and has been around a long time, there are a LOT of objects to look at.

    Recently, the plot pricing has been adjusted.

    Price is now based on the Tier of the region and the size of the plot. Larger plots in higher tier regions will cost more. Small plots in Tier 1 and 2 regions will cost a lot less.

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    Tazooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooon! The hype!

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