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Thread: please welcome Starcrystals new hatchie

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    Default please welcome Starcrystals new hatchie

    born on 6-26-14 6.5lb baby girl Shiloh to Starcrystal and Kazaleric

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    Default Re: please welcome Starcrystals new hatchie

    *whacks a cow over the head for milk, fills a glass bottle with it, slides a glove onto the top of it, pokes a hole in one of the glove fingers and ties back the other fingers, and gives it to the proud parents to feed their little one with*

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    Default Re: please welcome Starcrystals new hatchie

    I am soo happy with you-
    did not dare to ask earlier-
    so big congrats (not only for your Birthday^^P)

    so 14 angels may guard Shiloh`s craddle
    best wishes from all my heart!

    (will tell that dwarf about Shiloh)
    YOU told me to play a dragon!

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