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    Hey I just joined up again. I played a little bit last year and thoroughly enjoyed it but I just lacked any community to play with. The game drew me in again so I'll give it another shot and try to find a guild or group of people to play with!

    On that note: are there any noteworthy guilds to join or groups of players (don't care about which server) that are newbie friendly? I heard this game has a very small but tight knit community but getting in on it is just so hard.

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    Welcome! Are you wanting Order or Chaos server?

    Chaos has more players and more of a player economy but IMO Order is more fun.

    If you decide to try order, make sure you join the marketplace and new player channels. You will find that people (and dragons) aren't going to hand you everything on a silver platter, but many will gladly answer questions and help with those challenging gear/scale upgrades.

    Yildar, order

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    Welcome home. Hope you pick Order we could always use the new population. Still several active guilds around on Order. Feel free to check in on the guild I belong to The Scions if you pick Order to live on.

    Hope you find a good fun group to play with which ever server you pick and become another permanent member of our fine community. Enjoy Istaria.

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    *serves Alduin a container full of klava presented with a towel and a curtsy*
    Welcome home! :-)

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    welcome indeed to the best community out there

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