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    I'd like to know what the current prices of resources such as Bronze Bars, Slate bricks, Maple Boards, etc. I need prices that everyone is willing to live with (buyer and sellers) and not just one person's pricing system. I have seen talk about ONE price per item per tier. 25 Copper per resource item in Tier One, for example.

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    Its a really difficult question because the market is broken. On on side there are way to few buyers, on the other side a lot of the "older" players try to be friedly and give a lot of stuff away for free.
    Next thing is how good can u access ressources for the set tier. For example Slate is extremly easy availble in Mahagra with expert shop really close bye, but for Silver like north of Bristugo there is no improved shop this close. So even within a tier prices should be different.
    25cc for tier 1, still feels its a bit low because in this early stage of the game as a player u could simply quest (with a friend - for healing/dmg reasons) and make more money;
    i would suggest 25-35cc for tier 1 and 50cc-70cc for tier 2
    For higher tiers i have to level more, but what i allready have heard that at tier 3 or above ppl most likely ask a friend or gather ressources themselfes.

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    Thank you Lantis.

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    I would agree with Lantis the market is definalty broken. The only thing I have ever bought at a conny for resrources is a few bars or orbs here or there to make something on the spot for someone to save me a little time. When I do that I really don't care what the price is and would be willng to pay a bit more since it saves me the trouble; however I don't think that is a really good way to make coin on your part IMHO.

    If your just trying to find your way in the world of istaria and fit in and make alittle coin on the side, then I would for the crafting at heart try your hand in looking for construction work available. It pays pretty well and pays instantly on applying the resources AND gives XP to your school.

    The common price for these is T1: 1s, 1.5s, T2: 2s, 2.5s, T3: 3s, 3.5s ect...

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