(Note that this island is not currently available on Chaos/Order at the time of this posting. And as with all our documentation, what's contained here in is subject to change.)

The island in Istaria, known as “Memorial Island”, is a special place that has been set aside by the development team at Virtrium. Memorial Island is for players to create lasting memorials to those who have passed away. It can be reached via any port that would take you to the other "Resort" islands, but there is no port off the island, so players must "Recall" back to their bind point if they wish to leave.

On either of the live shards (Order or Chaos), anyone may purchase a plot on Memorial Island and build on it. Once construction is completed on a plot, the plot may be immortalized, and will become a permanent fixture of Istaria, no longer requiring paid Access. It may also be maintained as a regular plot requiring a Property Holder subscription and changes can be made to the plot. As the intention for the island is to create memorials which last beyond whether an individual pays a subscription or plays the game, we have set up some special rules for the Memorial Island which are unique for the plots on that island.

1) Anyone with an open Property Slot may purchase a plot on Memorial Island, however these plots are intended for memorials to people who have died. These plots are not intended as memorials to concepts, bands, interests, pets, etc.

2) Memorial Island plots are under a special “small” category and have a limited list of items which may be built on them. No storage structures of any type should be able to be built on these plots, nor machine structures. Machines are provided on the island for basic crafting, and thus are not needed on the Memorial Island plots themselves.

3) Those who wish to immortalize a plot on Memorial Island as a lasting tribute to an Istarian friend or loved one who has passed away, have a few steps to follow:

  • Only those plots created as a memorial for those who played Istaria and passed away are eligible for plot immortalization.
  • The player will need to submit proof of death for the deceased. This can be a copy of an obituary, death certificate, or other legal proof.
  • We’ll need the primary character that is being memorialized, so that we may associate that character to the memorial plot.
  • Once construction on the plot is complete, the plot owner must submit a support ticket to Virtrium, requesting the plot be immortalized. Support tickets can be submitted at https://support.istaria.com under the “Game: Plots and Lairs” section.