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Thread: Sorta-kinda gone but not really

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    Unhappy Sorta-kinda gone but not really

    As many who know me have certainly seen, I haven't been able to get online much anymore. This is due to issues with my internet access; either it's the internet itself or my computer's wifi adapter that messes up my gameplay time. Until I can sort out these issues I won't be online much and when I am it will only be as long as I can remain connected (to an unstable connection at best).

    Just a heads-up for those who care to know why I haven't been/won't be online much; I still hope to play as regularly as I can but with the internet issues I've been dealing with it's not possible often.

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    *serves Machaeon a container full of klava presented with a towel and a curtsy, for sustenance through this time*
    Hope you make it in more often than you think you will!

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    Well Mach. whether you like it or not, I will miss you. First Tond. & now you. What will I do if I do not see that green "butt" or the red one ever so often. At least I do not have to worry about someone (I will not name) filling up all the empty public silos right in front of me. :-p No more dragon crushes and no more "hehehe"s at my stupid jokes. I will miss that more than you know. Hope to see you more often on-line when you can. As always it is great to know you. Yours in a deep hole. Slimey :-)

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