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Thread: Bug: Avariatus' Quest: Prove Your Fighting Skills!

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    Default Bug: Avariatus' Quest: Prove Your Fighting Skills!

    This is not a real problem, just a text bug when receiving the reward.

    Here's a Screenshot:
    SuHuz Fieryclaw, Grand Master Dragon Crafter (Order)

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    Default Re: Bug: Avariatus' Quest: Prove Your Fighting Skills!

    My guess is this is the same "fluke" of a bug that I've experienced and Marynah reported on as well. It is impossible to duplicate and just "something that happens" sometimes, as it looks exactly the same.

    I've let the tech team know, but it isn't something which can yet be replicated. If you did the quest again, at least I'm betting anyway, you would get the proper message. And unfortunately if I can't replicate it, I can't explain how to make it happen so that the techs can fix it.

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