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You know, thinking about it, this same thing could be done for a much more powerful version of Determination. So using the Ancient Determination idea, tweaked a little bit:
Ancient Determination
2 hour recycle
lasts 2 hours
shares a timer with Gold Rage
requires 1200 t&c
+400 tooth&claw, +400 strength, +10 damage delay adjusted.

In this way, a Dragon can choose to give up gold rage, in exchange for more overall damage with the other melee abilities.

Perhaps some new melee ideas and abilities can be thought up as well, follow the same idea I had for the Ancient Primal Roar, where the Ancient Determination is required to be able to utilize the new melee combat options.
Now that gold Rage is nerfed, no need for it to disable Gold Rage while it is active. But yeah, none of this is ever likely to happen now that GR is nerfed.