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    Default Order`s Tavern

    Friendly cooks filled up the tavern of Mad Nellie with delicious food.
    Location: Rihki next to Aughundell.

    Thank you all- so much needed and appreciated!
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    *Mentally kicks her laptop.* The far-seeing, far-speaking hornswangle gnomish device decided to take a holiday and just recently my son wrestled it back to work. So Nellie & Saucy quietly restocked the tavern.

    Nellie says THANKS!!!!!!! to all that tried to keep some food service available while she had that sudden, unplanned holiday.
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    Thank you so much, Nellie & Saucy, for all the cooking you do all the time!

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    *nods happily* Agreed Awdz, many thanks to you two for keeping us all fat and healthy!

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