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    Logged in last night and Quake had become deactivated and doesn't show up in mastered list anymore. I am hoping this is an unintended error rather than it being actually made un-masterable which would be a big shame for everyone who leveled up Guardian to master it...

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    While I agree with you that it's a shame Quake Attack is no longer masterable, I queried this in the delta 262 bugs topic and Amon confirmed that it was an intended change that was missed from the patch notes. I definitely miss it, Guardian is a good secondary school to have but I can't see myself playing primarily as Guardian even with the changes to that ability. Maybe if Guardians could wear plate I'd consider switching school.

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    I wouldn't play as Guardian either. I enjoyed playing as a druid main back in the day, before they took out tiered casting, but mastering Quake is the only reason any of us leveled up Guardian.

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    Wow, I like playing Guardian. But I like using Quake attack as shaman too.... I did like it anyway...
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