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    I wouldn't go as far as to say that the graphics are getting an overhaul. Overhaul seems to indicate a sweeping effort across the board, but we're definitely not doing that. We're going to do it a piece at a time as we can. Some aspects really can't be easily upgraded (character and armor textures) or at all (terrain textures) due to the way they are setup and utilized by the game.
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    Hopefully this is not off topic but, regarding the combat and crafting systems this is currently the only game that allows the freedom of choices how a player wishes to play either a pure adventure with minimal or no craft classes or a master crafter. Also noting there is no race restrictions on adventure classes or what races can be in a group.I personally am not a fan of instant or near instant gratification on how fast one can "plow through" enemies.I feel the combat setup is fine as is example being the cast times for spells an for weapons.

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