Okay - so some good news and some bad news. Lets start with the bad and end on a good note.

The bad news:
I got access back to the runecasting site, though it required some crazy roundabout work in renting out the email associated to the account with the isp that has the domain. I will not have it for long, so I have decided to go make rounds on the internet and go nuts deleting old accounts under that mail ID. Unfortunately for google, despite having a recovery mail it decided the only acceptable means of making it work would be to mail that defunct mail. Go figure.

Like others, I've completely nuked the account. Gone. Deleted. Toast. So - runecasting is gone. Sorry everyone.

The good news:
I'm working on runecasting 2.0. Much of the content of 1.0 with updates and much better control over content than before as it will be living on its own server. It will be out soon - bear with me. Announcement upon completion here.