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Thread: Out of retirement.

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    Default Out of retirement.

    It has been a long while and I decided tonight while feeling nostalgic to give it another go. Took a quick run through Blight and all my former plots are gone. Once I figured out how to get back in chat, no one was feeling talkative. I think everything that was stored on my plots ended up in my vault, a lot of construction stuff is in there too but not all of it, oh well that is what I liked anyhow, building and crafting. Give me a few days to get sorted out and I will figure out a good place to set up crafting heaven again, I will have to remember how to do everything first.

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    Welcome back, nobody leaves for good in this game
    Blight is the test server now, Order is the RP server and Chaos is where everybody normal lives
    When your plot falls you get the building mats back now as Novians at a cost of 10% total mats. These are real good now as they are no longer char bound so you can give then to anyone or any Alt that needs them. They apply at 1:1 ratio but don't give Xp.

    If you get stuck Chaos is the most active server but there is always somebody lurking on these forums to help you out with advice

    nb, Oh I should add ALOT has changed in this game since you left so my first advice really would be to make a new char and work thru all the new quests to get used to the new layout after the T!1 and T2 updates (T3 soon) great quests and nice xp to ease you back into the game

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    Thank you Sind
    I play on Order
    *feels as normal as an Order player can^^*

    btw: B O N K
    YOU told me to play a dragon!

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    Welcome back, Siluket!

    Have fun and enjoy all the new things:-)
    YOU told me to play a dragon!

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    Its been a long- -long time. Welcome back from Mighty

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    Hiya Mighty, Couldn't find anyone on Blight so started over on Chaos, and yes the years slipped by too quickly.

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