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Thread: Thank you Developers of Istaria

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    Default Thank you Developers of Istaria

    Let's give some thanks to the developers of this game today. It's really easy to complain or criticize someone else when something doesn't work out perfect, heck I've even done it. Thank you for all you do and just know that even though we have all complained over the years that we really do appreciate all that you do.

    I think most of us would agree that even though we know the game isn't perfect, we wouldn't give it up for the world. I was told once that in each individual it's the flaws that make us perfect and that's how people remember us when were gone. I think that this game is like that and it's what makes it special.

    There are many different types of people in this game and I think it's great that we all love this game and help each other out. Thank you Developers for continuing to improve this game and listening to the people it doesn't go un noticed despite the healthy dialog.

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    Well spoken Korchak,

    I sign it all:-)
    YOU told me to play a dragon! [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]

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    Well Said Korchak, and I know the developers are doing their best. They do a lot that people don't even know about.
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    Indeed, I heard through the grapevine some new and exciting things are coming.
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