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    Hi all,

    It has been 10 years. I remember the days of Tulga and what came afterwards. However, the time has come to hang up my wings. As such I have opened up my lair in Heather. It is the most North Eastern lair. The silos are empty and so is the hall at the bottom of the lair (just to save you time). There is stuff in the First T4 hall and the 2 T5 lairs. There is also some stuff in the the T4 Lunus Library. I will leave it about a week, anything left will be deleted. When I log in next I will be deconstructing the lair.

    Happy plundering.

    SoG? Where? :-P
    Alas gone are the days when this was easy to do.

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    So you leave:-(

    I shall miss your input on this forum, miss your signature, that always made me smile.
    Sad. But Istaria hopefully is still there, when you hopefully return.
    And then- you and me- hopefully will meet for the first time in all those years:-)

    All the best to you- and safe travels on all your ways!!

    YOU told me to play a dragon! [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]

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