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Thread: Teleporting Golems!

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    Default Teleporting Golems!

    Encountered a very odd bug today. I relogged to make sure it wasn't on my end and, sure enough, it kept happening afterwards.

    Before relogging:

    After relogging:

    This was also occurring with the Bronze Golems nearby. Most of the time, they would die near my character and their corpse would be there, but I've had a few instances where the corpse appeared visually far from me, and when going near it, it said it was too far to collect the loot. I tried going back to the spot where the golem SHOULD have been if it were attacking me up close, but I couldn't loot there either, making the corpse unlootable in the end.

    Edit: Forgot to mention that this occurred on the Order shard.

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    Default Re: Teleporting Golems!

    Any chance you could type /window lagwindow into the chat window and record a video clip of the same thing happening? It might show if there's some problem with data updates reaching the client.

    It might also be useful to know what type of connection you have to the internet, i.e. wifi or cable to your router, and then DSL/cable/Fibre/Mobile 3G or 4G etc... Helps to understand if there are problems that might be related to the type of connection - wifi can sometimes suffer from interference, as can a mobile 3G/4G signal.

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    Sorry for the delay, here's a couple clips with the window up (turns out all mobs are doing this for me, some teleport and some slide around constantly):

    I'm hardwired to my modem as well. Wasn't having these issues until yesterday.

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    Default Re: Teleporting Golems!

    Thanks for the additional info. You can get more information from the lag window if you resize it. I'm able to see that the unacknowledged message count is zero from the info visible in your lag window, that's a good thing, but beyond that the rest of the info in the lag window is currently obscured.

    I would encourage you to open a ticket with Istaria's support team, they should be able to help you through this better than I can.

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    Default Re: Teleporting Golems!

    You are describing positioning lag.

    One way I have seen this bug is that I kill something that was moving, and the corpse slowly slides away. Running after it to loot doesn,t work, you get the too far away error. When this happens, you run out of range of the corpse. 110m is enough, or leave it selected, run away until it dissapears. Then run back to where you were hunting and the corpse will appear where it should, and you can loot.

    If you are seeing the dead corpse just immediately teleport to a different spot, sounds like some sort of additional client side lag possibly. You should try to run out of range and back, see if it shows up.

    This is a really old bug, would be nice if there was some way to fix it.

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    Default Re: Teleporting Golems!

    What's unfortunate is that this problem is still occurring, with any hostile mobs! I've done all I can, restarting my modem, my computer, the game, etc. I haven't tried a fresh install, but I'd much rather deal with the annoying teleporting than having to set up my mods and preferences again (I could back them up, but that would be pointless if they are what's causing the issue).

    It's unfortunate that it would start seemingly out of nowhere and not go away no matter what I do. :c

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    Default Re: Teleporting Golems!

    Try doing a full scan to get client 386.60.1. Don't use client 386.67. You'll lose the auto-equip of gathering tools but the critters will stop teleporting.

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    Default Re: Teleporting Golems!

    I'd be curious if what eighty said makes a difference. I haven't heard of anyone having those types of problems with the test client (386.67).

    You would only have the test client if you manually downloaded & overwrote the istaria.exe from this post:

    If that doesn't sound familiar then you wouldn't have the test client. But a full scan, certainly couldn't hurt. It does sound more like some lag issues.

    Test out your ping to the server. What is the average ms?

    Click WinKey + R (or Start button, type CMD in the Search box and click the CMD.exe icon that appears in search results.

    Then type ping

    100ms or less is good. 200-400 still isn't bad. 500+ isn't very good.

    If its quite high, then type this in that CMD box:


    When done, right click inside the black box, Choose Select All.
    Right click it again, Choose Copy

    Then you can post your results (if it's high) by pasting in your reply (be sure to x out the hostname and IP# in Entry #1 and 2 for privacy, before posting. If you got a good ping, then no point on posting the results.

    Also be on the lookout for "Time Out" messages on your tracert report.

    Also malware can lag your computer (different from network lag). Even if you have anti-virus or anti-malware, I highly recommend this standalone program, called ADWCleaner. You don't have to install it, just run it. This program has caught quite a bit of things that even Malwarebytes (my normal favorite) even missed. The scan time is pretty quick. I still use Malwarebytes as my fulltime protection, but run that AdwCleaner manually about every 2 weeks (or if something screwy is going on).

    Download AdwCleaner
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    Default Re: Teleporting Golems!

    Forgot to add here, I found out what the issue was! I narrowed it down after my friend said he had the same issues, but only after using the .exe I gave him. Turns out that 386.67 was updated to 386.68 silently on November 6, 2014 and the issue started happening when I used that client. 386.67 functioned as intended, however, so I switched back to that one. I sent in a ticket to support and they have since given me a newer client version to test! I will make sure to give any more info on this issue if it arises again with the new client, as I have not yet tested it.

    It wasn't a problem with my ping or anything, as that was all fine. But thank you guys for making me think about the test client in regards to the issue; I would've never looked into it if I didn't read your responses first.

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    I'm fairly confident 386.68 has another issue as well, where the ambient day/night effects don't change from whenever you log on the server, so if it's night time when you log in, it stays permanently night time. I think 386.69 is fine though, running it on one laptop and 386.68 on another (haven't upgraded it yet).
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