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Thread: Trading old items for other old items

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    Default Trading old items for other old items

    Let me know what you got, what you want. Might be able to help. BHM, Dcom, Moss Club, etc. I have a lot of unmatched regal weapon pieces. Send me a pm. I've helped other get some old things, maybe I can help you! Also have some demon weapons spare, Reklar pieces, Valkor pieces, old crystals.

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    My name is Drac and I approve this message.

    G is helpful. He helped me find enlightenment and the path to odds and ends of the past Istarian world I had to miss.

    Good guy.

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    Default Re: Trading old items for other old items


    I have:
    Moss Club
    Swarm Tyrant Shield
    Scabreia's Heart Staff
    Spirit Webbing Tech
    Sugent Topaz Crystal
    Sugent Citrine Crystal
    Shimmering Beveled Stone
    Freezing Beveled Stone (see for more details about the old crystals)
    Other Western Deadlands Crystals
    Old forms
    Ambrosia I, VII
    Ribeth Staff
    Arthridgel Cudgel
    Glimmel Sword
    Shrieking Axe
    Embers Sword
    Thundering Maul
    Ashthorn Medallion
    Many regal bits and pieces to make the above (but no matches left).
    Valkor item pieces
    Reklar item pieces
    Demon weapons
    Shaloth's head on a platter (stinks)
    and the difference
    Weapon Dye Kits
    Old set piece jewelry
    Other items I do not want to list and start a frenzy over. It will take a lot to get these out of the Dragon's Hoard, a very perilous undertaking, so make good offers!

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    Default Re: Trading old items for other old items

    Gah... so many things I would love to have. But for one I don't even know what the most do (except surely looking nice in a collection) and then I don't ever would know what to give for those. Someone having the old items can't really be in need of anything
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