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Thread: Looking for DCoM and few others! :)

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    Default Looking for DCoM and few others! :)

    Things im looking for:

    - dim crystal of might
    - topaz sugent crystal (will offer citrine and adds or entirely different offer)
    - moss-covered club
    - scabreias heart staff
    - ember sword (any kind)
    - asfendhia earring
    - tareviel earring and ring

    Things I can offer :

    - tareviel necklace and lars zantus ring
    - completed Arghal ,Akhanis, Turble, Kodess ,Lars Zantus, Mattias jewelry
    - current epic items, all 3 sets
    - coin
    - Jman Ambrosia and Spirit Oil forms
    - Rancor, Zealot, MoDI
    - sugent citrine crystal (only goes for upgrade or dcom)
    - priceless Arthridgel forest cudgel
    - swarm tyrant shield
    - priceless Baramorian bow
    - Triple Vengeance, Triple Eminence Armor chest scales
    - Double Vengeance steel-granite Armor chest scale

    Please send messages, thank you.
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    Default Re: Looking for DCoM and few others! :)

    v.v forgot to add to things I can offer, Veteran Dark Garnet weapon crystal, Freezing beveled stone and Shimmering beveled stone.
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